How important is innovation in production?

 Technological innovation is all around us.
Automation in our cars, smart electronics in our devices, domotics in our homes.
They improve our daily lives, helping us reach people, places and goals, faster and better.
Life is no longer the same in production either.
Manufacturers are well aware of the ideal mix that the market is after.
Producing more, respecting strict quality criteria, at the right price, within the best timeframe.
We believe it's possible to combine these 4 variables very easily.
We are aware of the advantages of innovation applied to control systems in production: on mechanical shopfloors, in the turnery sector, in manufacturing plants.

We know that quality control is mainly carried out in three areas:  
in production, when parts are incoming and during final inspection prior to shipment.  

That is why we have created Metrios, a new optical measuring machine, to improve production and inspection processes, without the need for a metrology lab.
Metrios was born to work directly in production.
The machine is located either directly on the shopfloor, can be used during incoming goods procedures, or in the final quality control phase just before shipment.
Measuring on the shopfloor means keeping production within tolerance.
Tool offset changes can be made in real time, using the data acquired by the device.
During setup and batch changeover, Metrios actually saves up to one hour of downtime.
The major benefits of Metrios include waste reduction, increased production and certified quality at zero cost.
Every piece produced or incoming, is a precise, certified piece, ready to be delivered or assembled.


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